Uh Oh, Trump mentions Al Sharpton


Al Sharpton is trending on Twitter after President Trump joined Chris Wallace in a sometimes contentious interview. When annoying Chris Wallace asked the President about renaming army bases named for confederate bases during the interview aired today, Trump asked him, “What, should we rename Ft. Bragg? After the Rev. Al Sharpton?”

At the time, President Trump was explaining the complicated process of renaming and the fact that we won World Wars out of these bases. He’s also rebelling against the cancel culture.

His response drew the ire of the left on social media who are calling him racist for mentioning a black man, Sharpton. Actually, Trump probably mentioned Sharpton because he’s a race-baiter who has a sketchy history.

Some on the left claim President Trump wants bases named about confederate racists, but what he really said was no one even knows who Bragg or any of these people were.

Sharpton has a history and that’s why the President mentioned his name.

No response yet from the Reverand, but it’s coming.

The President shouldn’t interview with Wallace. Wallace asks questions he knows will get under his skin.


Sharpton exploits race to get ahead. He knows how to get hush money from corporations who are terrified of being called racists. He takes a lot of money from his ‘charity’ and it’s for salary, expenses, whatever.

Sharpton is also a hater:

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