Peter Doocy asks Psaki why Kamala’s book’s given out to children coming illegally


Peter Doocy was recently married and returned to the White House press room just today. Press secretary Jen Psaki congratulated him and then he asked why Kamala Harris was giving her children’s book to unaccompanied minor children. He also wanted to know if she was making money from it.

Her book is called Superheroes are Everywhere and was being given out in welcome packets to migrant children who arrive at U.S. shelters.

“Do you know why that is and if she’s making any money off it?” Doocy asked.

“Of the Vice President’s book? I’d have to check with our Health and Human Services Team. You mean do they go to shelters? Or if they go to—?”

“In the welcome kit apparently there’s a copy of her 2019 book Superheroes are Everywhere?” Doocy asked.

“I’ll certainly have to check on that, I hear it’s a good book,” Psaki replied.

Doocy also asked about the Vice President’s plans to deal with the border itself, and not just to send her own book as reading material. “First, Vice President Harris says that she’s not gone to the border yet because we have to deal with Covid issues, what is she referring to?”

Psaki responded that Harris’s office would be best equipped to answer that question, but that Harris’s “focus is not on the border.” Instead, she is tasked with dealing with the “root causes in the Northern Triangle.”

[Kamala plans to give billions to these countries and solve all their problems, problems that have gone on for hundreds of years.]

[These nations are very corrupt. All we are doing is feeding the beast with our tax money. It’s nonsense.]

As regards “Covid issues,” Psaki said that has to do with the security needs of the vice president while traveling.

[We never get answers.]


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