Petraeus Plans War with Russia If a “Shocking” Event Occurs in Ukraine


In a new interview published Saturday, David Petraeus – who appears to now work for the Biden Administration — floats the idea that a “multinational force” led by the US could intervene in Ukraine if Russia acted in a “shocking” or “horrific” way. Petraeus added that they “might react in one way or another, but as a multinational force led by the US and not as a NATO force.”

In an article at L’EXPRESS, Petraeus said the red line is article 5, an attack against a NATO country. However, he said Russia could take an action against Ukraine that is so shocking and so horrific that the United States and other countries could react as a multinational force without NATO.


Michael Tracey writes that “Petraeus is floating a scenario where presumably the US would bypass Germany/France and organize some sort of “multinational force” — likely including UK, Poland, Romania, Baltics, etc. — without activating the full NATO command structure. 2011 Libyan war was organized this way. If you’re still somehow denying that Petraeus is a public surrogate for the Biden Administration, you’re clueless. He’s constantly appearing in the media to give direct operational accounts of current Biden Administration policy; talking points coordinated.”

Petraeus said, the military alliance would still likely be bound by its treaty and would only join the conflict if Article 5 is invoked, i.e. if one of its members is attacked, the general believes. Petraeus also said that Moscow is not interested in escalating the conflict and turning it into a global war. A wider conflict is “the last thing” Russian President Vladimir Putin needs right now, he added.

Is he sure about that?

Earlier in October, Petraeus claimed that the US could wipe out all Russian forces in Ukraine, alongside with the Russian Black Sea fleet, if Moscow uses nuclear arms in Ukraine. On Saturday, he doubled down on these words by saying that Washington’s response to such a move on Russia’s part would involve “more than diplomatic … economic and legal actions.”

War is in the air and we are dependent on China for medicines, chips, so much more, and we are destroying ourselves from within. Biden is destroying our energy, our economy, our borders, and our way of life.
RT reported:
The Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies of the Higher School of Economics, Vasily Kashin told RT:

“China also criticizes the West for building ‘small fortresses with high walls’, referring to blocs like NATO and AUKUS, exclusive alliances designed to unite Western countries and those loyal to them, effectively cutting off everyone else.

“China has always stressed the need to reform the existing system of global governance, as it is deeply unfair to developing countries. Despite all its leaps in economic development, China considers itself both a socialist country and the world’s leading developing nation. Therefore, at a practical level, the positions of Russia and China are indeed very close,” the expert from IMEMO RAS believes.

Vasily Kashin explains that the reason why China prefers a more ‘vague’ phrasing when it describes its stance is that Beijing does not consider the West as a single monolithic power.

“Some of what Putin said back then at the accession ceremony did resonate with China’s worldview. But even if internally the Chinese can relate to his words, they will not explicitly voice their support for them. The fact is that China simply does not have an overall policy towards the West – it makes a sharp distinction between Europe and the United States. And what worries Beijing the most about Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is the major increase of US influence in Europe. In other matters, the Chinese are largely in agreement with the Russians, but they do try to avoid overly confrontational rhetoric,” said the expert.

Moreover, in his statements, the Chinese president will most likely keep the number of references to other countries to a minimum.

Get it? They want to destroy the US. The US isn’t winning wars, we don’t have money, and we have fools running our government and military.

The manipulated media and social media are now flooded with talks of the US going to war with Russia. If anyone thinks China won’t join Russia, they must think it through again.

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