Petty-not unifying-Psaki takes credit for Trump vaccine & distribution–all he did was kill people


At Thursday’s press briefing, Press Secretary Psaki absolutely refused to give credit to the Trump administration for their well-earned success with Operation Warp Speed. She suggested DJT killed 500,000 people. In one month after Biden assumed the presidency, 100,000 of the half-million died. Shall we blame Biden?

He killed 100,000 people in a month!

Despite developing multiple vaccines in under a year and the Biden Administration following 99% of the Trump playbook on vaccine distribution, Psaki keeps accusing Donald Trump of killing 500,000 people. By those standards, every drug that kills a person due to Biden’s open borders makes Biden a killer. Every raped child who came up with cartels is on his hands. Every crime by a criminal he let loose is on him.

Oh, wait, that is true, Biden is guilty.

The Left’s precious Dr. Fauci credited President Trump’s China travel ban with saving many lives. The vaccine production and distribution plan has been great and it’s Trump’s plan with some minor tweaking as it rolls out. The distribution problems have taken place with tyrannical governors who have stringent, biased regulations and distribution plans.

Even the CDC says this administration is using the Trump plans.

Watch the angry Biden babe:


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