Pfizer CEO Wants Us to Imagine What One Can Do with a Chip in a Pill


In the clip below, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla praises a chip in the Schizophrenia pills that sends a signal the ailing person took the pill. He wants us to all imagine the implications of this – compliance. Indirectly, forced compliance in a pill, yippee. The patient can’t trick anyone. We know what his insides are saying. Will they inject his brain next?

All of us freedom lovers just jump up and down when we hear about pills that force compliance – not!

I really dislike the way this man thinks, not because he wants to help patients with the awful disease, but because he likes forced compliance. Also, he loves forced compliance with vaccines, whether they’re fully tested and there is transparency or not. So, as he suggested, we are imagining what a globalist WEF apparatchik such as himself might do with that little ole chip of his.

We’re just imagining the potential of the chip as he suggested. Come get your pill darling, you’re misbehaving again.


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