Pfizer Chief Bourla’s Very Inadequate Answer on Safety Signals


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sat down with CNBC, a financial news network, reporting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. He hasn’t seen a single safety signal in billions of doses. Bourla forgot about myocarditis.

He thought it was funny when asked about strokes in the elderly. He used the word “we” when speaking about the CDC as if they were one. But the CDC said they found a signal.

“We had seen a signal; we tested. We found nothing.”

He added: “Our own investigation in all databases in Europe, Israel, and the US, and we found in none of them anything.”

Bourla concludes, “We’ve seen not a single (safety) signal, although we have distributed billions of doses.”

In conclusion, he had seen a signal, seemingly investigated himself, and found nothing, but then he says he’s “not seen a single signal” [so, he saw one but didn’t see it?].

He also didn’t find a single one in “all databases in existence,” but the CDC says they identified a signal, so their database has one, and it’s in existence.

It should be noted that Canada suddenly has a stroke season they blame on the flu. Dr. Makary said there is something to the strokes in the elderly or the CDC would not investigate. Dr. Panda says strokes are up 50% in VAERS.

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1 year ago

Why would you see any “signals” when the Government has protected you from product liability?