The Curious Case of Canada’s Newly-Minted Stroke Season


Canada has a stroke season. Stroke season comes right after flu season in Canada (is it also booster season?). Just wondering since the new bivalent ‘vaccine’ is linked to strokes in people over 65 years.

This sense of gaslighting is coming over me. However, one study linked strokes to not getting the flu shot.

In another study, the authors say, “there was clear evidence of a seasonal occurrence for stroke in general. This seasonal effect was found for ischemic stroke, but not for hemorrhagic stroke. The peak occurrence was in mid-May.”. The strokes under investigation by the CDC are ischemic strokes.

The doctor in the first clip below only heard of stroke season last year. Unfortunately, Canada isn’t curious about the possibility of being tied to COVID shots.

While the two might not be related, it is curious given the CDC calling attention to the potential link to strokes and the new bivalent ‘vaccine.’


The CDC now admits the vaccine could cause strokes in people over 65. Dr. Makary was on Tucker recently and explained that 130 people out of 550,000 on Medicare had a stroke within three weeks of getting the new bivalent vaccine that was approved without any randomized, double-blind trials.

The adverse effects triggered a significant signal over the baseline stroke. The CDC is downplaying it by saying it’s not showing up in another database. However, that other database is only a database of billing codes, not intended for clinical review.

The FDA tried to keep the data secret.

Dr. Makary said there is something there.

Dr. Panda said that on VAERS, strokes are up by 50%.

According to Dr. Panda, data from VSD has not been released, but according to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, reports for ischemic stroke in 65+ year-olds make up nearly 50%.

  • 8,988 adverse event reports mentioning ischemic Stroke in all age groups, with 4,117 in ages 65+*
  • 8,161 adverse event reports mentioning stroke in all age groups, with 3,666 in ages 65+*

*Data is as of 12/30/2022. Includes all COVID-19 vaccines, the US only.

What is an Ischemic Stroke?

An ischemic stroke happens when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood thus oxygen to the brain. Typically they form from a buildup of plaque in your arteries. Vaccine-induced ischemic strokes have been reported since 2021.

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1 year ago

Canada already has a problem with low population and it looks like Government Politics in Canada just might destroy Canada before Traitor Joe can destroy America.

Reader mostly
Reader mostly
1 year ago

Stroke season coincides with snow shoveling season, so do your vaxed friends a favor and clear their driveway if possible. Maybe help them up stairs and carry in groceries as well. We have to do our bit. Not everyone is born with scruples, and scruples are shown to be the most important factor in living well.

Stop Medical Tyranny
Stop Medical Tyranny
1 year ago

I’m curious if there’s been a rise in hysterectomies? In the past 6 days I’ve heard of two people I know having gynecological cancer of some sort. One of them has definitely been jabbed 4 times, the other person, at least twice, most likely 4.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stop Medical Tyranny