Pfizer Contractor: GOVT Forcing Educated People to Get Vaxxed


A citizen journalist taped a 20-year Pfizer contractor in which he says he is skeptical about the vaccine because he knows how long it takes to get approval and why. He doesn’t trust the speed in which it was developed.

He added that the government is doing everything they can to make the educated population get vaxxed.

The contractor’s name is Aydin Keskiner.

The young woman taping did this on her own and was not tied to Project Veritas, who are now posting it.


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2 years ago

Traitor Joe is doing everything possible to destroy America and it’s by design. We shouldn’t try just Traitor Joe for Treason, but his whole Family and everyone in the White House and/or advising him! They are all guilty. Our Government is designating us as enemies of the State because we don’t agree with the illegitimate Government constantly overstepping it’s Constitutionally enumerated powers. The People are out of control, but the Federal Government sure is!

Hmm So Hmm
Hmm So Hmm
2 years ago

Read that the educated are the most skeptical regarding the kill shot err I mean not-a-vax.
Isn’t that odd how all employees of the Big Pharm vax makers are exempt and many gov anointed apparatchik clases such as congress?
An exemption bone was thrown to the USPS comrades for their Dominion Big Steal efforts.
Things that make you go…hmm.

2 years ago
Reply to  Hmm So Hmm

The Biden Crime Family administration exempts whomever it chooses from having to take the vaccines. Congress is exempt. Congressional staff are exempt. White House staff are exempt. Postal workers are exempt, likely as a result of union demands.

Biden is using vaccine mandates on other government employees and the military. Biden encourages private sector employers to demand that their employees take the vaccines or lose their jobs.

Biden and his handlers are deliberately causing turmoil in the work force and driving our economy into a recession. It is their goal to create a totalitarian government…ruled in perpetuity by Democrats.

F Joe Biden!

F Liberalism/Marxism/socialism/communism!

F the Democrat Party