PhD Blasey Ford Will Testify But the Caveats Are Something Else


Ph.D. Blasey Ford says she will accept an invitation to interview next week but didn’t agree to a date, time, or the conditions. She wants more time and the judiciary is reportedly not taking this as a serious offer.

“Dr. Ford accepts the Committee’s request to provide her first-hand knowledge of Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct next week,” Ford’s lawyers, Debra Katz, and Lisa Banks said in a letter to the committee.

As of Saturday afternoon, the exact timing was unclear, and Ford’s lawyers appeared to object to some of the terms laid out by the committee. It was also unclear whether the testimony would occur in public or behind closed doors.

Her lawyers said that “many aspects” of an earlier proposal by the committee was “fundamentally inconsistent with the Committee’s promise of a fair, impartial investigation into her allegations.”

They are negotiating again as we speak.

Are they joking? This is another tactic to delay and hold Republicans hostage.

On Friday, Republicans on the committee gave Ford an ultimatum, telling her lawyers that the committee would vote Monday on Kavanaugh’s nomination unless they accepted a final offer for Ford to testify Wednesday.

By the way, liberals and leftists want conservatives to call Blasey Ford — Dr. Blasey Ford. However, she is a Ph.D. and ‘Dr.’ is not a requirement. In fact, many think it’s an affectation.


  1. Another ploy to stretch this out for political gain and for media, politicians to inflict public relations damage on Republicans for mid-term election advantages. They have no intention of allowing a vote to go forward on the honorable Judge.

  2. I FEAR FOR OUR GREAT NATION, LIBERALS HAVE GONE SHALLOW, LOW, AND PLAIN BAD..Check city’s run by Los, + those by conservatives : THEY CAN’T GOVERN !

  3. There’s saying we used around the neighborhood that Republicans should find increasingly applicable. You can think I’m a fool all you want, just don’t treat me like one.

  4. So pissed right now but it’s your website and so I shall refrain.

    Frigging GOP allowed themselves to get played? Yes? No?

    Pursuant to Laura Jarrett’s tweet (CNN, Valerie Jarrett’s daughter I think)

    “News – former DOJ inspector general Michael Bromwich has joined Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team. (Note he also represents former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe). He has just resigned from his law firm effective immediately in light of objections within the partnership.”

    Apparently, it wasn’t well-received by partners at Bromwich’s firm, so he quit. See Thread here.

    Stupid GOP cowards.  Bring in enough attorneys and this dog and pony show can go on for how long?

    They will not stop until they have destroyed Judge Kavanaugh and his family. Freaking cowards in the GOP. If they were my kids, I’d ground their asses for the next decade.

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