Phil Ting Wants a Safer San Fran With Inmates Living There


San Francisco politician Phil Ting recommends putting inmates in the neighborhoods. He says, San Franciscans are safer if they live among them.

“For decades, we had this idea that as a state, we could be safer if we put our inmates, our offenders, in the most remote parts of the state,” Phil Ting said. “If we could just somehow separate them from their communities, separate them from us, separate from their loved ones, from their family members, that somehow, we would be safer. And what we discovered, and I think San Quentin has proven it, that actually the exact opposite is needed. That we need to be surrounded by a community that it took a community to get folks here,” Ting concludes.”

They should move inmates right next to his house. He’d be safer, and we wish him well.

Phil Ting, someTING is wrong with MR. TING


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