Piers Morgan: Hunter Biden cover-up stinks [it’s about the fundamental transformation]


Piers Morgan let loose about the rigging of the election via fake news, specifically, hiding the Biden investigations. If you ever doubted that our media is corrupt, you shouldn’t have. The media doesn’t care if you found them out because, in Biden, they have found their eternal victor. The media and social media will silence all opposition.

They believe Republicans will never again win a presidential election. The complete transformation of this nation into a socialist hellhole is in their grasp. No one will be able to touch them once it’s over.


PIERS MORGAN: Can you imagine the howls of outrage if Don Jr. had been under federal investigation for tax fraud and nobody had told the voters while the media looked the other way? This Hunter Biden cover-up stinks

Via Daily Mail

Imagine for a moment that Donald Trump had won the US election last month?

I don’t mean won it in the increasingly absurd way HE thinks he won it – i.e. that Joe Biden‘s entirely legitimate victory was invalid because uncorroborated ‘mass voter fraud’ made it a ‘rigged’ and ‘stolen’ election.

Only a bonkers conspiracy theorist actually thinks that, someone like the President himself whose pathetic elongated temper tantrum is turning into the most unedifying episode of The Biggest Loser ever aired.

No, I mean imagine if Trump had actually won fair and square and was now preparing to be inaugurated for his second term of office?

Then imagine that his victory was quite narrow, like Biden’s, and came down to a few thousand votes in the swing states?

And then imagine that just before the election, a major US newspaper had published an explosive story about his son Donald Trump Jr. based around the contents of his personal laptop that revealed extensive dodgy dealings with people from foreign countries, some very unfriendly to the United States, and which even suggested his father may have been involved in some of those dealings?

Now imagine that in this eventuality, and with none of the key elements of the story denied by the Trumps, 90% of America’s mainstream media deliberately refused to cover the story, and social media giants like Twitter and Facebook actively suppressed it altogether?

Finally, imagine waking up today to hear that rather than Hunter Biden being formally investigated by federal authorities from the Justice Department over his financial affairs, as is the case, it was Donald Trump Jr.

And that the investigation has been ongoing since 2018 but was ‘paused’ in case it affected the election.

And that it has looked at allegations of potential criminal violations of tax and money laundering laws. And that it is now in front of a Delaware Grand Jury with a view to indictment.

By now, some of you might be screaming that the election was ‘rigged’ and ‘stolen’ from Joe Biden, right?

And of course, that is exactly what Donald Trump will be screaming all day long today, as he does every day, only this time with some actual evidence to support his otherwise hysterical claims.

I mean, who knows how damaging it might have been if this federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances had been revealed before the election, and the mainstream media had given it the full Hillary Clinton email treatment that many believe cost her the 2016 election?

I said at the time that the media’s abject failure to properly report the New York Post’s scoop about Hunter was a shameful dereliction of journalistic duty driven by the inherent liberal bias of much of the US media – and I said it as a liberal myself.

Predictably, and equally shamefully, the media responded by then trying to censor me too: I was dropped from an appearance on Brian Stelter’s CNN media show after going on Fox News and lambasting news organisations like my former CNN employers for refusing to follow up the Post’s Biden exposé.


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