Piers wonders why it took so long for Meg to get Harry to ditch his family, country…


The former editor of The Daily Mail, Piers Morgan blasted the formerly-royal couple known as Meghan and Harry. By now, you have heard that Prince Harry and Meghan have left their roles as senior royals.

While they still hold their titles, they will no longer use “royal highness” titles or receive public money for their royal duties, and while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will continue to live at Frogmore Cottage when they’re in the United Kingdom, they will pay back over $3 million spent renovating the property. Queen Elizabeth said they will no longer represent her.

The Queen also expressed her affinity for Meghan and tried to dispel rumors that the couple was going to accuse the royals of racism.

Piers Morgan, one of their fiercest critics, especially when it comes to Meghan, is pleased with how the Queen handled it, but he blasted the couple.

Many in the U.K. don’t find this Megxit acceptable, especially not Morgan.

“BREAKING: The Queen’s told Megan/Harry to sling their part-time royal hook. Well done, Your Majesty – right decision,” Morgan tweeted, linking to a Daily Mail story.

He also tweeted, “Only surprised it took her so long to get Harry to ditch his family, the Monarchy, the military and his country. What a piece of work.”

Morgan also felt he abandoned the military. He blasted Harry, tweeting, “Staggering that Harry would turn his back on the military like this. ”

It’s not likely the royals are all that fond of Meghan. She left the baby with a friend when she traveled to London, quickly took off, and then didn’t bother to phone in during the final discussions of the Megxit.

It does, however, appear to be what Harry wants. They deserve to have the life they want, but, as her father said, she’s cheapening the royals. That will definitely be true as the mystique and aura fade.

The royals have weathered a lot, but maybe not this.

They will eventually land in LA after President Trump leaves office in five years. Their far-left politics will annoy many in the USA.

One must wonder if he will one day resent her. The only one giving up everything is the Prince.

It’s also a mystery as to how their lives will evolve in amoral LA. Her mother lives in LA and Harry will have the two of them to handle.

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3 years ago

I am totally disappointed in Harry…I thought he would be like his mother Princess Di…doing a lot of good work, but alas, it is going to turn out that he is a demoncrap

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Harry is in for a world of hurt and trouble with his fame crazed wife.