Plotting unions want teachers to log vax status conversations with parents


Some teachers blasted their national unions for telling them to upload the vaccination status of students’ parents, their names, and addresses to an app created by Democrat Socialist [communist] AOC’s campaign team.


A National teachers union training session guides educators on how to talk to parents about COVID-19. It instructs them to log their conversations into the Reach app, a progressive [communist] app.

The Reach app was created by volunteers during AOC’s 2018 campaign. The app has become a major tool in Democratic campaigns.

The workshop is sponsored by hardcore leftists. It includes the vaccine equity group Made to Save, the National Educators Association (NEA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

One slide reads: “We are NOT telling people what to do or what they should think. We ARE listening to people and responding authentically to their concerns.”

Another reads: “You do NOT need to be a healthcare expert to have good conversations,” but instructs teachers to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Republican New Jersey state Senator Holly Schepisi said the training “is an unconscionable breach of privacy and ethics” and “borders on criminal.”

“Having the audacity to back this type of presentation shows that the NJEA, NEA, AFT, and any other organization involved clearly does not regard educators as professionals or critical thinkers,” Jennifer Mess, a drama teacher for the Middletown Township Public Schools in New Jersey, told Fox News.

“This was a blatant effort to coerce, manipulate, and even track information on students and their parents,” Mess continued. “Anyone involved in this type of deception has lost their morals and purpose of education along the way.”


As this is going on, we are being informed that the NEA, AFT, the Department of Justice, and other top officials met secretly to plot out a scheme to silence parents angry about the teaching of the Marxist-based Critical Race Theory and masks/vaccinations.

“The federal government is using its power to silence and intimidate American citizens,” said conservative talk radio host and author Mark Levin. He released a bombshell letter on his program Thursday. “They’re trying to chill free speech.”

The letter came from the nonprofit organization America First Legal (AFL) and was sent to the United States Inspector General.

The letter states, “In light of the Attorney General’s Memorandum of October 4, 2021, it appears the Department of Justice is committing the full weight of its federal law enforcement resources to prevent parents from exercising constitutionally-protected rights and privileges, for inappropriate partisan purposes.”

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2 years ago

We need quick justice. If only someone could set up a website posting the pictures/names of all of these tyrants (governors, county commissioners, school board superintendents) along
with a synopsis of their tyrannical actions. Seems it could be done free of any risks of defamation accusations, simply stating the facts (for example, commissioner Smith voted to force employees to vaccinate with a drug still in experimental stages or lose employment). This would haunt these people for the rest of their lives…legally. Possibly deter these kinds of acts…

Mean Boys Are Meaner
Mean Boys Are Meaner
2 years ago

All burn it all down CPUSA/CCP Long Marchers who think that they have it all wrapped up with the perfect plandemic and Dominion.
Totalitarians always infiltrate and bend education to their will as part of the New Man utopia.

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”
― Joseph Stalin

O/T-Fam is watching one of those CSI Barstow figure it out in the first five minutes shows and there was an ad showing some concerned parent and prattle about climate change, it is on again and now the poor dear is crying with a “there is limited time” to do something about globull warming.
What is the PLA waiting on, will they give comrade kommissar Milley and Vanilli Austin a heads up?
Societies that are too soft weak and stupid to exist will be put out of their misery.

tea party nebraskan
tea party nebraskan
2 years ago