Poisonous Plumes Heading for Pennsylvania and New York City? Update


After a fifty-car train derailment – ten cars carrying dangerous chemicals – officials authorized a controlled slow burn. They burned the chemicals off because they were afraid of an explosion. While it was determined successful, some say the poisonous chemicals are heading for Pennsylvania and New York City and killing fish and animals along the way.

Correction: There were 151 cars and about 8 had hazardous chemicals.

Based on reports, we thought it was only polyvinyl chloride, PVC. It dissipates once it hits the air.  That wasn’t the case. It was vinyl chloride. Residents complain about dead livestock, birds, fish, and chickens. We don’t know what the scene on the ground is and if they are overreacting.

Cleveland.com report:

Crews released toxic chemicals into the air from five derailed tanker cars that were in danger of exploding Monday and began burning it after warning residents near the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line to leave immediately or face the possibility of death.

Flames and black smoke billowed high into the sky from the derailment site late in the afternoon, about an hour after authorities said the controlled release would begin.

The slow release of vinyl chloride from five rail cars into a trough that was then ignited created a large plume above the village of East Palestine. Still, authorities said they were closely monitoring the air quality.

“Thus far, no concerning readings have been detected,” Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro said at a brief evening news conference about three hours after the venting, and burning procedure began.

The slow burn of train cars carrying dangerous chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio

Yet, they did tell everyone within two miles to leave.

It was deemed successful.

“The controlled breach of several rail cars has been completed successfully under the supervision of experts and first responders. Some of the material is now burning off, consistent with expectations from the earlier models, and is expected to drain for a short number of hours. We have been and will continue monitoring air quality with the Ohio EPA. Remediation work at the site can now safely continue,” a Norfolk Southern press release said.

Some say it was a catastrophic failure.

The reporter trying to cover it was arrested:

A reporter trying to cover it was pushed to the ground, handcuffed, and arrested for trespassing while covering the news conference about the derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals in Ohio. He spent five hours in the hoosegow.

Gov. DeWine said he did not authorize the arrest.

Are poisonous chemicals blowing east?

USA Today reports:

Days after crews released and burned toxic chemicals carried by a train that wrecked in Ohio, residents were concerned about toxic substances that could be lingering in their evacuated neighborhoods.

About 50 cars, including 10 carrying hazardous materials, derailed in a fiery crash Friday in East Palestine, according to rail operator Norfolk Southern and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Vinyl chloride was released into the air Monday from five of those cars before crews ignited it to get rid of the highly flammable toxic chemicals in a controlled environment, creating a dark plume of smoke.

The chemicals are still lingering, people are finding dead fish and animals, and it’s heading for New York City. We can’t speak to the other chemicals.

The language of the person filming the plume is very strong, so don’t listen if you’re sensitive to cursing.

The media loves a calamity. However, people are reporting dead livestock and tainted water.

Update: The reports said the leaking gas was PVC, but it was actually Vinyl Chloride, which this engineering student says is far worse. He says one of the biproducts is hydrogen chloride. It latches onto water, even in the air, and turns into hydrochloric acid.

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1 year ago

Maybe the Air Force will shoot down those clouds?

1 year ago

The real question is why there was a derailment in the first place? Next is why were incompatible chemicals loaded in proximity of each other? Finally, was any of the cars carrying fuels that are better transported via pipe line?

Irritable Bill
Irritable Bill
1 year ago

As they are clearly attempting to cover it up as it is happening I highly suggest you publish the names of the owners of the trains and cargoes etc…Bloomberg? Dunno…but I believe he owns the trains and contracts befitting from the XL Pipeline closure, the very same Bloomberg who spend massive amounts of money to have Biden installed….so I would be looking at that and comparing to the behavior of the EPA et al….
Burn it all off into the atmosphere? Just in case it catches on fire…you know it makes sense…come on guys, real third world stuff as seems to be the current admins standard.
No doubt lots of balloons will suddenly appear…..

1 year ago

Oh no! Our government is taking care of this! (sarc)

Ronald Reagan “Most Terrifying Words – ‘I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help.’”