Poland Faces War to Protect Its Borders, Something the US Will Not Do


Poland is currently under invasion. Belarusian dictator Lukashenko unleashed hordes of Islamists at the border with Poland.

Poland and Belarus are now close to war.

“Last night Belarusian soldiers tried to destroy a Polish border fence near Czeremcha (115km south of Kuznica). Some of them were blinding Polish soldiers with stroboscopes and lasers while the others were ripping out fence posts and tearing down concertina wire using a vehicle.”

Since Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Islamic migrants have flooded Europe and US borders. It hasn’t helped that Biden has offered Afghans free passage to the US if they can get to any US embassy anywhere in the world.

Poland and many other European countries have been bombarded by thousands and thousands of Muslim illegal aliens. Several countries in the EU have directly accused Belarusian President Victor Lukashenko of intentionally sending migrants across other country’s borders as a form of political payback for several sanctions and isolation measures against his government.

We don’t doubt that Soros’s open society apparatchiks are at work to provide support.

The Kremlin is instigating the problems while blaming the West, and holding gas hostage with winter approaching.


Lukashenko’s actions have forced several countries that border Belarus, including Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, to militarize their border crossings and seal them off completely.

Massive waves of the illegal aliens are at Poland’s border and Poland will defend it. On the other hand, the US will not defend its borders.

Most of the globalist EU supports open, unvetted migration, as well as the UK’s Boris Johnson government, despite the fact that Britain left the EU due to open-door immigration. At the same time, the US administration has opened US borders.

Europe sold its soul to Russia in exchange for gas.

However, Poland vowed to defend its borders and has rejected the EU’s efforts to flood the country with unvetted migrants with very disparate values.

Warsaw called the “action ‘an invasion’ and declared it was sending 12,000 troops to reinforce 10,000 already stationed along the frontier.”

Aside from the national security issue, the invasion is a planned effort to destroy Western culture and power.

This is taking place as Russia amasses troops on Ukraine’s border.

The Biden-Harris administration is very concerned about the invasion in Europe while allowing an enormous invasion of unvetted foreigners on the US borders.

Half of the US population and the administration will not protect the US borders.

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Yuri B Calls From Beyond
Yuri B Calls From Beyond
2 years ago

Some pages say it could lead to WWIII and the globalist depopulationists are giddy.
WAR is the answer and there can be no compromise with the (not my) comrades.
Good commies will have to be made before it is all over and done.
There just isn’t enough room in this world for coexisting with Marxists.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Not only Marxists…There is another serious well funded assault…that has been unfolding right before our eyes…and remains ‘unseen’ to the masses..who will eventually pay the ultimate price…