Police allowed ‘protesters’ firing at them to lock them inside station for 7 hours



Protesters demonstrating at a memorial for 23-year-old Elijah McClain marched to the Aurora Police Department’s District 1 station house near Montview and Wheeling just after 8 p.m. on July 3, KDVR reported.

Protesters chained the doors of the police station shut from the outside, trapping officers inside for seven hours.

This is called a “protest?” They’re obstructing justice and it’s a crime.

“The unfortunate part is they trapped our officers inside, not just them being around the building, but physically wrapping ropes and other items around the doors of the district one station, around the entry-exit gates our patrol cars come out of… that was probably the most dangerous part,” Aurora Police Department Spokesman Officer Matthew Longshore said.


Police didn’t move in to clear out the protesters locking their fellow officers in the station until about 3:30 a.m. on July 4 when rioters began shooting fireworks at officers in the area.

“They were starting to take the big mortar style type fireworks while they were trying to untie the gates so officers could come and go, they started throwing fireworks at them. Not only that, someone had a fire extinguisher, they were spraying our officers with a fire extinguisher. We didn’t use any force until they started doing it to us, that’s when we used 40-millimeter foam rounds, no pepper spray or tear gas or smoke,” Officer Longshore explained.

The ‘protesters’ were heavily armed and were firing shots at police. There was talk of storming the building.

Officer Longshore said that the decision to let the protesters keep the officers locked in was made intentionally, KDVR reported.

That is sick. Intentionally? Are they kidding? What kind of message is that? It only encourages more of this. These people are communists. Police always have to back down now to avoid confrontation and it’s a terrible idea.

In fact, the little commies find it to be a good tactic:


The communist ‘protesters’ are doing this in many blue cities because it’s effective and the police are forced to back down.

‘Protesters’ in Oakland chained themselves to a door at police headquarters.

Thursday’s group, made up of mostly white folks supporting national Black Lives Matter protesters, chained themselves to a side door of police headquarters at 455 Seventh St. around 9 a.m. while holding a sign reading “No one is free until we are all free.”

Two of the so-called ‘protesters’ said they want Oakland to spend less money on police and more on schools.

It was only a handful of people but they get publicity because the media is on their side.



  1. Hope the people and voters of Aurora enjoy a demoralized and enfeebled police force. I’m positive that any cop worth his salt will find a new job in another jurisdiction. The remaining wimps can drink coffee and play cards while the city burns and the mob rapes and pillages and kills off the fools that remain in this “woke” city of shame.

  2. Aurora police chief and city hierarchy made the officers trapped inside look like fools. Reminds me of when Bill Clinton had the media on the Somalian beach to record Marines landing in what was supposed to be a war zone. Making the military which he abhorred look like fools is what Bill Clinton enjoyed. And there was the time Obama was giving another long winded speech in the rain and had a Marine dutifully standing in the rain holding an umbrella over Obama. Or the time Obama showed contempt for the Cambridge policeman who had an encounter with a Black college professor by saying without any facts that the policeman acted improperly. Obama showed his true colors after the his stupid “beer summit” when he abandoned the elderly professor to mug for the cameras leaving the “racist” police officer to help the professor down the steps. Trump doesn’t act like that. I remember the time when departing Air Force 1, one of the Marine Guard’s cover blew off and President Trump chased and retrieved it for the Marine. Trump is a class act to those who deserve respect. For those who do not deserve respect, he shows them none. Neither Clinton nor Obama are a class act and will throw anybody under the bus if it furthered their cause.

  3. The protestors are lucky I was not KING that night. I would have had my cops shoot their way out of the building – and shoot at anyone shooting at them. Chaining them inside is a precursor to firebombing the building and killing all the cops. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ON MY WATCH…..

    Allowing this to happen is insanity. Unfortunately, the badges are now empowered to do it again

  4. The Aurora PD has a long standing problem with keeping personel from quiting and joining other local agencies. This standown will not fare well for the department as a whole. May God help the good citizens of Aurora.

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