Fake Republican Mitt Romney calls the President corrupt over Roger Stone


Fake Republican Senator Mitt Romney is infuriated that President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, a 67-year-old with health issues and a deaf wife. In his statement, President Trump explained that Stone was a victim of the collusion hoax against him and caught up in process crimes. That is true.

That’s a good reason, but the virus is another good reason. Blue state governors and mayors are releasing thousands of hardened criminals. California is releasing another 8,000 and de Blasio has emptied out prisons. Romney has no problem with any of that.

Romney had no problem with Barack Obama’s more than 1100 pardons and commutations, all politically-driven. One of Obama’s pardons was a bona fide Puerto Rican terrorist preaching the overthrow of the country.

Clinton pardoned Marc Rich and FALN terrorists.

Don’t forget that Romney marched with the Marxist, Black Lives Matter. The slogan is great and a lot of innocent people marched not realizing they are promoting a communist organization. Romney’s not one of them. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Romney is doing tremendous damage to the Republican Party, as did Jeff Flake and John McCain by destroying it from within. He’s not a Republican.

He tweeted, “Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president.”

No, what is “unprecedented” is the “historic corruption” of the prior administration who did launch a coup as Attorney General Barr has suggested and, so far, done nothing about.

That jury and the judge are corrupt as Hell.


The left is thrilled with his comments and they are making the most of it as usual. Romney is a despicable traitor to the party. Thanks Utah.

Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross did cover it:



  1. Hey ! Do not forget….Hillary is free as a bird. Why isn’t that seditious and treasonous citizen in jail ? Yet Stone is sentenced for incarceration for minimal, if any, actual law violations ! The USA “JUSTUS” system at work protecting domestic communists.

    Donald Trump 2016 campaign rallies: “Lock her up !”

    Yeah, right.

  2. pos rino, I have absolutely ZERO regrets for not voting Mitt in 2012. Imaging for about 10 minutes the possibility of having someone in the Oval Office who would be actually worse than Obama. Then look no further than Mitt Romney.

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