Police Chief calls protesters who raised Mexican flag outside ICE ‘the best’


Leftist anti-ICE protesters removed a U.S. flag and replaced it with a Mexican flag outside an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) facility in Aurora, Colorado.

Hundreds of protesters also removed a “Blue Lives Matter” flag and vandalized it by spray-painting the words “Abolish ICE” across it before raising the flag upside-down on a pole next to the flag of Mexico.

They are the hate-America, white-hating, mostly white leftists trying to show they really only like Mexico or something.

What an unpatriotic individual or maybe he’s an illegal foreign invader:


The Chief of Police was proud of them, called them the “best of Aurora.” They are the people who desecrated the Blue Lives Matter flag.

The roundup of people who have been ordered out of the country begins tomorrow. Speaking to Fox News during his visit to the border Friday, Vice President Mike Pence said the upcoming ICE raids will not be done at random and will be focused on “removing those deported by courts.” Most or all have criminal backgrounds.

Why this was announced is baffling.

Here’s more:

The group of leftists call themselves ‘The Lights for Liberty’ but they obviously only want liberty for foreigners coming illegally. The citizens have no rights under this lawlessness. They were ranting about ‘camps,’ meaning concentration camps, coined by the nitwit AOC.

  • “removing those deported by courts.” MSNBC/CNN purposely fail to mention this, people that never showed up for their court hearing, instead they say that ice will be going after MIGRANTS, total BS lie!

  • What would you expect for the Metro Denver Colorado area.. Leftist, liberal ignorance abounds there..
    This is from 20 years of 1st hand experience btw..

  • If that’s the “best of Aurora”, what are their worse good at? Sounds as if they have a new state of Mexirado, a sad state of affairs.

  • Removing the United States Flag from U.S. Government property and replacing it with that of a foreign nation is a felonious and anarchistic act against the sovereignty of the United States.

  • See 4USC Section 7 (c). Replacing the U.S. flag with the Mexican flag on U.S. Government Property was an illegal act. Metz’s aquiescence to the act and praise of the perpetrators rendered HIM non-feasant in office and an accomplice to crime.