Police guard park workers cleaning up machetes and such as woman rants that they’re ‘coons’


Seattle police officers found an assortment of weapons, including machetes, homemade spike strips, and dozens of makeshift shields, in a tent at a public park Tuesday morning, police said.

The police were providing security for the Seattle Parks Department during a cleanup at Cal Anderson Park. The workers were repairing a field house and picking up a lot of trash.

The damage and subsequent repairs were related to ongoing [destructive, violent] ‘protests,’ the Seattle Times said.

The park became a CHOP zone on June 30th and it was taken back. Park workers found weapons in at least one tent.

Officers obtained a warrant to search the tent and recovered a machete, hatchet, homemade spike strips, an unexploded mortar, and multiple makeshift shields, police said.

No arrests have been made.

‘Protesters’ took the park over months ago.

Crews also found goggles, helmets, and other gear in a rental facility for people living in the park.

As officers protected the park employees, lunatic ‘protesters’ went nuts on them.

“Are you a white supremacist?” one man yells at the officers.

“That’s a registered f—-ing hate symbol recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center!” a woman screams at one cop. “You’re a f—ing white supremacist, you piece of s–t! I hope you die tonight, b—h!”

The woman can be heard calling another officer a “f—*ing coon” and declares, “I’m taking your job, b—h!”

The crazed foul-mouthed lunatic apparently classifies people according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The woman in the group called police ‘coons’ and cursed her fool head off in a rage.

That’s normal. Nothing to see here. Don’t believe your lying eyes.



Holy genius at Cal Anderson:

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