Police State News: Armed Agents Terrorized Greg Yetman – He Ran


Julie Kelly spoke with Greg Yetman’s brother, Todd, who lives with his veteran brother. He explained what the FBI did earlier this week to a man who might have shot off pepper spray in the direction of police and protesters on J6. I highlighted key comments.

This is insanity, and we do now live in a police state with a national police force who have turned their brutal counterterrorism tactics on innocent Americans and Americans who committed misdemeanors.


“I just spoke with Todd Yetman, brother of Gregory; the man hunted down by FBI for J6 related offenses. The conversation was sad, infuriating, and, in some instances, funny.

First, he said the FBI staked out their home for THREE MONTHS prior to the raid on Wednesday am. (Todd, Greg, and another brother live together in the home their father built in NJ).

After Todd and his other brother left for work after 6 am, Greg left the house around 7 am to go to work. They all work for same company. That’s when armed FBI agents and SWAT vehicles surrounded Greg.

“Greg walked out, froze in the face of guns drawn, and ran.”

A woman who lives with them heard the commotion. When she opened the door, she faced armed agents who told her to get on the ground. She thought they were being robbed. About 30 armed agents stormed the house and property. They threw flashbangs inside areas of the property including the garage. This resulted in broken windows of vehicles and a boat.

“They went nutty, tore up the house, stuff scattered everywhere.”

Agents told Todd, after he returned to the house that afternoon from work, to open his gun safe. When he refused, they told him if he didn’t, they would break it open.

Although not a defendant, FBI took his guns and ammo. Todd confronted the agents, asking “who killed someone?” They treated my brother like a criminal, Todd said. Vehicles were everywhere blocking the driveway and parked around the property. FBI and local law enforcement used helicopters, drones, and search dogs to try to track down Greg.

That’s when Todd again confronted agents. “Go get Hunter, go get Joe Biden,” Todd said. “Everyone of you is corrupt, you’re all Joe Biden’s puppets.”

He demanded to know why they were not arresting Antifa and BLM. They then asked him not to be rude, lol. News reporters were staked out near the house the entire time. 

The FBI asked Todd if the media tried to interview him. He said, no, but he hoped they had. “They are as corrupt as you guys.”

Law enforcement issued an emergency bulletin to neighbors to shelter in place. Even the small town’s mayor told residents Yetman was not a threat.

Greg Yetman turned himself in this morning without incident. Todd doesn’t know where his brother went the past 2 nights or where he is now. “He would give you the shirt off his back,” Todd said. “He helps everyone.”

Greg, according to his brother, served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also worked as a guard at Gitmo. He’s been a National Guardsman since–but he quit after refusing to take the Covid jab. “I am sick to my stomach,” Todd said.

“There will be no justice, that’s the sad thing about it. I feel bad for the country and for my kids.” As of tonight, DOJ has not yet filed any charging documents detailing Greg’s offenses.

Urgent manhunt???

Some reports claim Greg used pepper spray against police. Even so, this is not the normal protocol for arresting an individual accused of spraying police nearly 3 years later.

This is all about optics and juicing DOJ’s “domestic terror” data ahead of Trump’s J6 trial–Jack Smith recently admitted in a motion that the trial would prove Trump was responsible for the events of January 6.

Also, this account is consistent with other accounts of FBI raids against Jan 6 protesters.

And Greg Yetman wasn’t the only American arrested this week for Jan 6. Five others have been charged including 2 women on trespassing misdemeanors. DOJ boasted in a J6 update this week that more than 1,200 individuals have been arrested and charged over the four-hour disturbance. US Atty Matthew Graves warned the final count could exceed 2,000. Police state.

[Meanwhile, we have pro-Hamas terrorists terrorizing people in Manhattan and only two people were arrested. Does anyone believe for a minute that our justice system is anything but Soviet under communist Democrats?

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
15 days ago

Everyone of those strange incidents confirm my prediction I made many years ago;

eventually it will be illegal to be a conservative.

This sounds crazy today, yet we now live in an age where half the population and the government swear that men can breast feed and have menstruations.

After democrats steal the 2024 election, they will begin the changes to make it illegal to be a conservative, it may take them, 5, 10 or even 20 years to finish that project, just as it took them many years to make it official that men can breast feed and have babies, but it is where things are going.

Western Civilization is finished. It will last 25 years at best.

Sick of it all
Sick of it all
16 days ago

Every time one of the January 6th Patriots gets taken in by this lawless government, it’s an attack on every single law-abiding citizen. Praying daily for everyone’s release.

Last edited 16 days ago by Sick of it all