Policy Study: Without Mail-In Voting Donald Trump Wins in 2020


The Heartland Institute conducted a new policy study that applies results of the late-2023 Heartland/Rasmussen poll, which found more than one in four mail-in voters admitted to committing at least one kind of election fraud.

Even if only a fraction of self-admitted fraud occurred, Trump likely beat Biden in multiple swing states and win the 2020 Electoral College vote.


Election mail ballot drop box


“These abrupt and hasty changes to voting procedures in the months before the 2020 election occurred even though ample evidence showed that mass mail-in voting, unsecure ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and lack of signature verification would result in a flood of fraudulent ballots that would undermine the accuracy of the election results,” the Heartland Institute, the conservative think tank, noted on the need for the study.

“A groundbreaking poll conducted by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports in November/December 2023 attempted to assess the degree of fraudulent voting that may have taken place. The results were stunning. Some of the most important findings from the poll include:

  • 21% of mail-in voters admitted that in 2020, they voted in a state where they are “no longer a permanent resident.”
  • 21% of mail-in voters admitted that they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member
  • 17% of mail-in voters said they signed a ballot for a friend or family member “with or without his or her permission.”
  • 19% of mail-in voters said that a friend or family member filled out their ballot, in part or in full, on their behalf.

“After examining the raw survey data provided by Rasmussen, we found that 28.2% of all mail-in respondents admitted to committing at least one of the four types of fraud asked in the survey, meaning that more than one in four ballots cast by mail in 2020 were likely cast fraudulently and thus should not have been counted.”


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
17 days ago

It’s good to have our beliefs confirmed.
More evidence of the lying attacks on Trump for telling the truth about fraud. Same for the lying J6 attacks.