Politician Whose Family Are Illegals Wants Cali to Opt Out of Laws Based on Political Beliefs


Kevin de Leon, open borders politician.

A new California Senate bill will prevent state and local enforcement agencies from using resources for immigration enforcement. Sheriffs don’t want to enforce immigration law either they say, but they disagree with this bill because they want to keep federal funding and continue arresting violent criminal offenders.

“If SB 54 passes, it will allow dangerous, violent career criminals to slip through the cracks and be released back into our communities,” Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones told reporters.

Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) introduced the bill. He is the man, as you might remember, who recently said half his family is here illegally.

Law enforcement won’t be able to investigate, detain, report or arrest persons for the purposes of immigration enforcement, the LA Times reported.

The open borders advocates love the bill they are labelling the “sanctuary state” legislation.

California is going down faster than one could have imagined.

The sheriffs are fiercely opposed.

It will prevent them from leasing jail space to federal immigration officials, and from providing them with information on certain defendants.

On Monday, state Sen. Joel Anderson (R-San Diego), said the state should allow federal officials to look for hardened criminals in jails and prisons, not in neighborhoods.

“We are talking about rapists and child molesters,” he said.

De León has countered that federal immigration officials would be able to obtain information from local and state officials through a court warrant.

ICE doesn’t get warrants. There is neither the time nor the funds for warrants. It’s absurd.

Senator de Leon is so happy with the drug cartel-infested country he left, that he wants to bring it right here to California. We have open borders sympathizers setting our policy.

It’s probably too late for California anyway.

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