Politicians Agree We Can’t Close the Border with Avocados in Jeopardy

Central America is emptying out

Yesterday, Julian Castro said we should decriminalize border crossers. He is for open borders and the Democrats are the open borders party. Republicans are controlled by businesses who want cheap labor. The politicians will not help the President or this country.

Yet, if we keep the borders open, we will live in a totally different country just a few years from now and it won’t be a good one.

Secretary Nielsen said the President will use all the powers within his lawful right to shut down the border.

“We are bringing all of the agencies together, we’re asking everybody to chip in,” Secretary Nielsen assured Tucker Carlson Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The President did stop funds to the three invading Central American nations, he might send the military to the border, he is considering executive orders for a range of options including an order to end “birthright” citizenship and expanding the E-Verify system.


The media aren’t focused on the drugs, the humanitarian crisis, they are worried about avocados. They are ranting that we only have a three week supply of avocados.

There are serious economic issues but we are under invasion by god knows who.

The left wants none of it and activist judges stand by ready to stop anything he does to protect this nation from the invasion.

MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin is worried that if we shut down the border, we will run out of avocados.

As 30 to 80 percent of migrants brought up by the transnational gangs are abused by those criminals, Griffin is worried about the avocados. Drugs are pouring in, and the avocados are helping to support the violent cartels who walk in and out of our border daily. Who needs avocados?

The anonymous people just keep pouring into our country and they will be a drain on our resources, some will be criminal, all sorts are coming into the country and they will never have to leave.


As the White House prepares for a possible shutdown of the border between the U.S. and Mexico, there is also an ongoing effort to utilize the authorities in existing laws to more vigorously combat illegal immigration and legal immigration fraud, senior adviser Stephen Miller told The Daily Caller.

They had better hurry.

Mitch McConnell admits there is a crisis but warns of the impending economic catastrophe if the borders are closed. The avocados are far more important than the fact that we are losing our country.

“We certainly have a crisis on the border,” McConnell told reporters (video below). “I think the president’s right about that. But closing down the border would have a potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country. And I would hope we would not be doing that sort of thing.”

His Twitter feed ignores the crisis.

Not everyone agrees with Mitch.


The truth is that if Trump doesn’t stop the open borders, no one will and we will become El Salvador, the narco nation. Listen to this unnerving two minutes of Tucker.





  1. We cannot allow thousands of unskilled people every year into the U.S. who are mostly consumers of government services, not net taxpayers, and get out of this. All that will do is accelerate the destruction. This must be stopped, it must be stopped now, as for avocados, Mexico can shove them you know where!!!!!

  2. If the invasion continues, we won’t have any money left to buy avocados. Illegal aliens are using up our tax-payers’ money.

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