Politicking Pope: “No Country Can Exempt Itself” from Taking Migrants


The politicking Red Pope took a not-so-subtle jab at Hungary on Wednesday. He claimed “no country can exempt itself” from the obligation to take in migrants.

Again, I ask, why isn’t the Vatican packed with migrants?  Tear down that wall, Francis!

Pope Francis was reacting to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán rejecting a ruling by the European Union’s (EU) Court of Justice. They said his government had “failed to fulfill its obligations” to relax its immigration laws.

“We will maintain the existing regime, even if the European court ordered us to change it,” Orbán said Tuesday in his end-of-year news conference.

“The reality is that we have to stop the migrants at the borders,” he declared. “This can be solved by one thing: changing the European asylum rules, but this process has not even started yet.”

Hungary might be one of the few nations not transformed by The Great Resetters. The group of elites resetting the world includes the Pope, who uses religion as a cudgel to open all borders. This is not what Jesus had in mind.

Share the Wealth, Destroy Your Sovereignty

In an appeal following his weekly General Audience Wednesday, Pope Francis said that all European nations should share in the “consequences” of the migratory phenomenon occurring in the Mediterranean area.

“During my visit to Cyprus and Greece, I was able to once again personally touch wounded humanity in refugees and migrants,” the pontiff said. “I also noted how only some European countries are bearing most of the consequences of this migratory phenomenon in the Mediterranean area, while in reality, a shared responsibility is necessary from which no country can exempt itself.”

He brought a few people back and hopes that it sets an example.

The Pope praised Italy while urging other European countries to follow suit.

He’s ruining Italy. Heck, he’s helping to ruin the Western World with his one-sided view of illegal, unvetted immigration.

Bring Back Benny

We need the Red Pope relocated to wherever they hid the real Pope, Pope Benedict. We need Benedict back.

“In fact, there are many local Churches, religious congregations, and Catholic organizations who are ready to welcome and accompany them toward a fruitful integration. All that is needed is an open door!” Red Francis declared.

During his tenure as Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán has insisted on Hungary’s national sovereignty. He underscores the right of the Hungarian people to decide their own immigration policy. Orbán doesn’t want it dictated to them by the EU.

God bless Viktor Orbán.

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