Vaccine Passports for Domestic Travel Are Again Being Bandied About


White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Wednesday that the Biden administration would require proof of vaccination for domestic travel “if the health impact is overwhelming” amid the latest COVID-19 surge, the New York Post reports.

During an appearance by Psaki on MSNBC’s “Way Too Early,” host Jonathan Lemire pointed out that Americans are about to travel “in what could be … record numbers for the holidays.”

Lemire asked the question Psaki wanted, “So why isn’t a vaccination requirement for domestic travel part of the president’s plan during this COVID surge?”

Spokesperson, Jen Psaki said, “That’s a good question, Jonathan. I think it’s one we get asked pretty frequently. It’s because we know that masking can be — is very effective on airplanes. That’s a restriction that we’ve also increased the fines, so we know that people are wearing masks, more people are wearing masks.”

The press secretary went on to say that putting a vaccination requirement in place might delay flights and could have “additional implications.”

Earlier this month, she said, “nothing is off the table, umm, so, umm, uh, including domestic travel.”


Research on Omicron shows that 73% of the new cases in the US are Omicron. It is much milder than Delta. It’s more like a cold and no one is dying in the US.

Omicron is exactly what is expected from a virus pandemic. Variants that come along start to become milder because of people who are vaccinated. And people who have caught COVID and have natural immunity. That’s part of the herd immunity process. And it’s also something that the corrupt Biden administration has ignored and is gaslighting America over.

In the US, officials of the Biden administration have been attacking unvaccinated people as if they were all the spawn of Satan.

They are also intent on controlling the populace way beyond what is necessary and to make us subservient. They even want religion to become subservient.

We now have Biden’s cabal going directly to the Supreme Court on a slim victory in the 5th Circuit. They want to get a sign-off on the vaccine mandate for hospitals receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding.

The cabal wants to control all private businesses and all Americans.


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