Politico report on why Donald Trump didn’t fire Christopher Wray


According to a report by Politico President Trump wanted to fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and came close in April of 2020.

Because of Bill Barr, he didn’t.

Trump believed Wray wasn’t doing enough to investigate the Obama spying allegations. President Trump was angry with Wray for defending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which enabled ‘spying,’ in Trump’s view, on his 2016 campaign.

Christopher Wray also sealed most of the infamous Kavalec Memo for 25 years. The memo is key because it proves the dossier was a fraud and the FBI lied. Wray was good at hiding exculpatory information.

Barr was brought into a secret White House meeting and found out about Trump’s plan to fire Wray.

Trump wanted to replace Wray, who he appointed, with counterintelligence head William Evanina and former Devin Nunes aide Kash Patel.

Why was that controversial? He should hire and fire anyone he wants.

Politico was out with the new details – if it’s true. They said that DJT decided against the firing when Bill Barr threatened to quit.

Trump would also get angry with Wray whenever he gave testimony about Russia and when he talked about election security.

Wray lives in an alternative universe.

Trump allegedly wanted to fire him after that, but that April day was his most serious attempt. Trump thought Barr would agree and it was a done deal when he set up the meeting. But Barr was never really on his side, neither was Wray.

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marty lopez
marty lopez
2 years ago

We all knew that much. That was announced as per MSM at the time it happened. My question is how did Trump allow Barr to make such a chump out of him? Why didn’t Trump see through him in the first place and, how in the world did Trump allow it (Wray and Barr both) to go on for so long?

Trump’s inability to judge character and pick key people for essential appointments beginning with his NYC attorney Cohen, straight through Sessions and Barr, along wih his apparent misunderstanding of the basic nature of the opposition he was facing was abysmal.

Let’s face it. Trump was what we got and he was probably more than we deserved, but he sure isn’t someone who undersands power, or how to wheel it. I wonder how he ever got as far as he did and more. Did Trump really believe he was going to take the world away from the people who have been running it with markeing and rallies?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

OK, so one conspirator used leverage to save another conspirator. They are both criminals. They are guilty of criminal obstruction among other things.

Historic Flatulence Czar
Historic Flatulence Czar
2 years ago

Bananas have way too much carbs for me. I’ll have to pass on the Chiquita.