Poll Shows House Republicans Lose Some Edge Over Far-Left Dems?


According to Politico, Republicans are still poised to win back a majority in the House, but their predicted lead is down to 226 seats, a 12-seat gain. In July, CBS News’ election tracker predicted Republicans could win 230 seats, and some Republicans through the year have suggested the GOP could end up with 240 seats or more.

That’s if you trust these polls.

“That momentum is real,” Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison said Sunday on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”

Dems Are Competitive While They’re Ripping Up the Constitution?

Democrats are literally ripping up the Constitution and Republicans have to find a way to get the word out – fast. It’s true that some candidates are not running a good campaign. The party needs to help these candidates.

Our borders are open. This is extreme and insane. We don’t know who these people are. They are unvetted and the US has a lot of enemies just waiting for such an opportunity.

Biden ignores our laws and nothing is said.

They shouldn’t have momentum over lies about Roe and they should have CRT drummed into their heads. The outrageous overreaches of our Biden administration should have Republicans screaming about the rule by dictatorship. They should talk aggressively about the far-left agenda.

The Wall Street Journal reports both parties expect more competitive races. That shouldn’t be happening. Democrats are socialists and communists.

According to CNN, GOP lawmakers are confident they will be able to recapture the House this fall – thanks to a map and historical trends that are both in their favor – there are new concerns inside the party that Democrats might be able to minimize the GOP’s gains in November, according to interviews with nearly a dozen Republican lawmakers and aides.

Republican sources believe that a gain of 15-30 seats is more likely, and they are not ruling out the possibility of a gain in the single digits, a thin majority. Originally, McCarthy expected a 60 seat gain.

“I expect a narrow majority for the GOP that may not be all that much greater than what (Nancy) Pelosi has today,” said Rep. Fred Upton, a veteran Michigan Republican who is retiring at year’s end. “Will be very hard to have any sense of a governing majority.”

The political environment for [Socialist] Democrats is still bleak, especially since they are defending at least a dozen open seats in competitive districts following a wave of retirements. Plus, the generic ballot in some polls had Republicans down by more than six points in 2020 and they still flipped a dozen seats – a point McCarthy has made publicly.

“People say, well, the generic ballot has been shifting. Well, I’ll ask you this question: What was the generic ballot in the last election?” McCarthy told reporters in the Capitol before the August recess. “I don’t know what the generic ballot is going to be. … I know it’s kind of baked in with what the issues are.”

“We are losing ground because of it,” one GOP lawmaker told CNN. “Roe caught Republicans off guard and we haven’t used it to paint the left as extreme nor shown any sort of compassion on the issue.”

“Republicans want to say, ‘inflation,’ as if that solves all our problems. It doesn’t,” the member added.

They need to talk about policy, not the raid or abortion.

Republicans need to talk about CRT, 1619, gender-affirming surgery, unconstitutional mandates, masking children, and rules that overturn capitalism. How about the wild spending and crushing of our energy sector that drives inflation? Too many Republicans don’t take anything on, and people don’t know what’s going on thanks to the media.

As weak as some Republicans are, Democrats are destroying the country. November is it.

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