Poll shows over 40% of blacks approve of the job President is doing


We would have to see other polls substantiating this, but for now, we have one poll that shows over 40% of likely voters approve of the job President Trump is doing.

The last time Rasmussen came up with this result, two other left-wing polls backed it up.

We will see. It’s very possible. Black people are just like everyone else and they want their families kept safe.

Also Friday, Rasmussen found the President’s approval rating at 48% with disapproval at 51%. At the same time in his presidency, Barack Obama had 47% approval. Their approval and disapproval rates appear to mirror one another pointing to a sharply divided country.

This is despite 24/7 intense negative media coverage, a pandemic, a hoax impeachment, a fake Russia-Trump probe, and riots.

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2 years ago

It’s up to them, individually……sit on your couch and have Uncle Sugar feed you scraps……..or git off yo ass and get a job that WILL give you self-respect and HOPE for the future.

OF COURSE, the same could be said for lazy-ass white folks too.! It ain’t racial. It’s just human nature to WANT to be proud and productive, instead of a leech on society……and therefore a slave.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

Amen if only enough black people will think with an open mind have a job or go on welfare for decades.

2 years ago

Well, if true, then 40% of the Blacks have awakened ! They want OFF the DEM Plantation. Finally. But the other 60%….they be lovin’ the free OBAMA! phones and other free chit that their Massa’s promise them if they will just stay ‘down’, and vote the way they are told.
You Blacks have keep your Black DEM Plantation Owners in charge of your Ghettos in EVERY major city in America for the last 50 years….WHAT? have they done to EVER help you? Free OBAMA! phones? YGBSM.

Time to WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA ! Get yourself OFF the Dem Plantation! There’s a GREAT country out here – come join us. !!

2 years ago

Dat’s wayciss!