Polls have figurehead Biden’s job approval in freefall


According to the latest monthly 1&1/TIPP poll, which is left-leaning, based on 1305 adults online in early September, the majority of Biden voters have abandoned him. The margin of error is + or – 2.8 points – allegedly.

Only 46% of those who voted in the November 2020 election said they would vote for Biden today, which is more than five percentage points lower than his official total of 51.3 percent in the 2020 presidential election.

Only 46% who voted for Biden in 2020 would vote for him as of today. His favorability is in freefall.

The poll found 42% said they’d pick Trump now, down from his actual 2020 election total of 46.9%.


Conservative pollster John Mclaughlin was on Newsmax earlier today with Dick Morris. His latest poll shows Trump beating Biden 50% to 47%, and beating Harris 49% to 47%. Six other polls show Trump beating Biden and Harris by wider margins. One shows Trump beating Biden 51-41 and Haris 62-39. Biden is in deep, deep trouble.

If the media told the truth, Biden would not be president and that’s a fact. Trump is annoying to many but he’s tough enough to do the job. Weak guys don’t get things done.

Biden’s approval went from +9 to -5 or worse as the big socialist Democrats take over the party through the brain-addled figurehead.

In the McLaughlin polls, 69-31 say Biden has been taken over by the far left. Swing voters prefer capitalism 82-18. In response to the question of Trump’s aggressive style compared to Biden’s dealings with the Taliban, 52-44 preferred Trump. When asked if they prefer a tough man like Trump, 56% agreed and only 40% disagreed — 23% of Biden voters and 27% of Democrats agree.

When presented with the statement — say what you will about Trump, but when he was in office, we had lower inflation, much less illegal immigration, lower gas prices, and much less crime — 60% agreed and only 35% disagreed.

That 35% should be zero.

Biden’s numbers have gone down in four months what it took Jimmy Carter four years to do.

People can’t get ahead because of prices and it’s the product of Democrats wildly taxing and spending.

Biden is so brain impaired, do you think he knows?


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