Rising star Joe Kent slams warmonger Cheney as she disses Trump


A Republican congressional candidate in Washington, Joe Kent, isn’t too pleased with George W. Bush (probably doesn’t like his dad or former VP either). Joe Kent is a great candidate if you listen to his traditional stance on issues. If you like Bush’s wars, you might not like candidate Kent. He believes in a good defense and a strong military, just not unnecessary wars.

Mr. Kent is a retired Green Beret whose soldier wife was killed in action in 2019 fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan

He responded to Liz Cheney tweeting a photo of a smiling George W. with the comment, “I like Republican presidents who win re-election.”

As Kent said, “You also like Republican Presidents who’s [sic] lies cost us 7,000 dead Americans in wars based on lies.” She is a warmonger. There is no happy medium with her.

There is also the fact that George W. barely won his election — if he actually won.

As it turns out, Bush ran as a conservative but led the country as a RINO. Today, he is pushing the open borders he also seemed to prefer as president. His good friends are far-left Democrats like the Obamas and Clintons

Kent also called out the Biden administration liars:

He is also pushing back against the left’s bogeymen — masculine men.

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