Polls show suburban Americans look to socialism for health care


The bizarre notion that single payer healthcare would somehow ward off or defend better against a pandemic is hitting the suburbs according to recent polling.

In fact, Italy, which has single payer, is facing potential collapse over the pandemic. The nations in Europe and China have single payer and where did it get them?

Americans now believe the federal government must take charge of everything. It’s not American, but it is now a prominent and dangerous socialist ideology taking hold in the United States.

College-educated voters who predominate in the suburbs, especially women, prefer Democrats over Republicans and prioritize health care, recent polling shows. The coronavirus is raising concern about public health and the capacity of the medical system to handle the crisis, according to The Washington Examiner.

“A ‘government-do-more’ election is bad for Republicans,” said one GOP operative, who like other sources asked to remain anonymous to discuss the sensitive topic of the politics surrounding of a deadly disease.

“But polling conducted before the onset of the crisis revealed that Democrats had retained a political edge on health care with suburban voters that helped drive their 40-seat takeover of the House, as well as Senate victories in suburban-heavy Arizona and Nevada, in the 2018 midterm elections. That stemmed from suburban voters’ support for Obamacare — a law opposed by Republicans — and, among its other benefits, the federal insurance protections it offers for preexisting medical conditions,” The Washington Examiner reports.

Pre-existing conditions will be protected in the President’s plans but Democrats continually lie and say it won’t.

Biden and Sanders screaming for more government control of health care has been promoted widely and aggressively by the media. They are lying to Americans.

More big government is perceived as the answer when it actually means rationed care. Italy’s medical system is about to collapse and no one will save them. They are planning to ban health care intervention for people 80 years and older after these older Italians gave into the system for decades.

Joe Biden isn’t calling for an immediate switch to Medicare for All — StalinCare — but his plan will bring it about eventually. He will pour hundreds of billions of dollars into it, and offer a public option which will be the death knell of private health insurance — they can’t compete with endless tax dollars. In addition, he will give it free to anyone who wanders into the country illegally. And he believes in open borders, with no deportations for 100 days, and only hardened criminals deported after that.

Democrats will destroy the country but they are taking the lead among too many Americans.

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