Pollster says 91% of Trump supporters would vote for Trump again


It must have hurt Frank Luntz to report this: 91% of Trump supporters would vote for him for President again. Who else is there? Puppet Joe the commie sympathizer? So much for Wapo’s breaking news story claiming everyone hates Trump now.

I don’t like Luntz. He seems like such an opportunist, but maybe you do, so here is his poll.

The pollster extraordinaire is wrong most of the time and has been wrong since 2016. However, he found that 50% of his voters want him to keep fighting and three-quarters say he won the election.

It sounds about right.

66% say they don’t trust the swamp. [Ah, come on, what’s to not love about the swamp.]

This seems about right:

I have zero support for the GOP, how about you. [I’m actually sick of all these polls but the questions are interesting]

No third party. We can’t win without the RINOs and they can’t win without us. I won’t support a RINO who voted for impeachment, how about you?

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