Tell the Vineyard Residents That A Migrant Dies Each Day


Please tell the people of DC, New York City, Martha’s Vineyard, and especially the Vineyard that the following is one of the consequences of their votes for open borders Democrats. People are dying, drugs are killing Americans, and children and women are kidnapped for the sex trade. Biden’s reign has brought this upon us as he ignores the rule of law and pretends Republicans are to blame. A person ends up in the morgue each day, and some are children.

The people coming are not to blame. The Republicans sending them north are not to blame – they’re overrun and have been very patient. Democrats are to blame.

Open borders do not work for anyone.

Migrants invited by Democrats.

This heartbreaking story goes along with the photo below of the deceased remains.

Morgues Saturated at the Border, A Person Dies Each Day

Morgues in the U.S. southern border states such as Arizona and Texas are saturated and do not have enough to process and store the bodies of undocumented people who have died in their desire to achieve the American dream.

Nearly every day, a drowning person is reported in the Rio Grande, or ranchers discover a dead person inside their properties, told Efe Tom Schmerber, a sheriff in Maverick County in Texas.

On the morning of Sept. 1, nine immigrants died trying to cross the river in the Eagle Pass sector of Maverick County, and 37 people were rescued from the waters in the incident.

Peruvian migrant Alan Vladimir Paredes Salazar, 38, was one of the deceased. His body was moved to the Webb County Forensic Office; his family told Efe, who hopes the body will be repatriated as soon as possible.

But the process might take time. The Webb County morgue is lacking in processing the bodies of migrants constantly arriving from its border and neighboring counties.

From last January until the end of August, 218 migrant deaths have been recorded in that county, exceeding the 196 deaths of 2021. Due to the spike in deaths last year, the county morgue purchased five portable refrigerators, which are now almost at capacity.

It smells like death.

The situation of morgues in Arizona’s border counties is no different. According to figures from the Compassionate Borders group, from last January to the end of August a total of 126 undocumented migrants have died at the border of that state.

Large numbers of the deceased arrive at Pima County Morgue, where Efe toured.

The cold of freezers and the smell of death greet those who cross the gigantic metal door of the chamber where just a few of the bodies that have been found in recent months at the border are kept.

We have an addition of four containers that are outside. Each one has a capacity for 80 bodies. “At this point, one of them is already at its maximum capacity,” said Efe Gene Hernandez, forensic investigator at the Pima County Forensic Physician’s Office.

The dimension of the tragedy is reflected in the dozens of white-colored bags, all stored inside refrigerators, identified only with an orange-colored card.

The desert does not forgive

Each card shows several numbers indicating the date the body was found, the location coordinates, and whether it corresponds to a man or a woman.

The vast majority only have one word in common: Unknown.

Identifying the body is one of the slowest and most difficult processes, Hernandez indicated. He specified that one of the main obstacles is the advanced state of decomposition in which debris arrives.

The Arizona desert simply won’t forgive—and in a matter of days, the body decomposes to the point of practically mummification by high temperatures—or is devoured by animals.

Migrants invited by Democrats end up in the morgue, and some don’t care.

One of the bodies inside the bags was merely a dark brown Osamanta. The skull no longer had teeth and in the spine you could still see remnants of flesh, bone and desert soil combined into a single mass.

Sometimes we find birth certificates, identifications on migrants’ clothes, but we can’t assume that they’re really them, the researcher said.

The office has more than a dozen cabinets filled with clear bags where you can see some of these items, ranging from photographs, letters, driver’s licenses, electorate credentials, rosaries, jewelry, wallets and cell phone is.

Due to the lack of space and the continuous arrival of bodies of migrants, the remains can only be kept in freezers for four months. If not identified at this time, they are cremated, and only a chunk of bone is retained for possible future identification using DNA analysis.

The problem is that genetic testing is very expensive, and in order to make a positive identification, the family must also provide a sample, Hernandez explained.

According to the latest figures from the Department of National Security (DHS), during the current fiscal year, ending September 30, nearly 750 deaths of undocumented migrants have been accounted for at the Mexican border.

It’s a new record that tops that federal agency’s 557 migrant deaths reported during the 2021 fiscal year. via Impacto Vision

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