Popular Dem candidate yells, “Blue lives ain’t sh**!”


A rising star in the Democrat Party, John Thompson, who recently won his primary, can be seen in the clip below screaming at children and neighbors of Minneapolis police union leader Bob Kroll.

Thompson is a member of the violent, Marxist group, Black Lives Matter. BLM is the guiding star movement of the NBA and NFL, possibly of baseball and hockey as well.

The candidate was endorsed by communista Rep. Ilhan Omar. Ms. Omar endorsed Mr. Thompson earlier this month, urging Minnesotans to “elect this bold progressive to the Minnesota House.” Governor Walz gave him a glowing endorsement (see below).


Thompson represents the party in a state election.

“We are terrorized by the grand wizard. Y’all got the grand wizard living in your gd*** neighborhood,” he said, screaming wildly “Blue lives ain’t sh!”

“F*** Hugo, Minnesota!” he added about the home town of Mr. Kroll.

“We are sick of y’all white a** treating us like sh**,” he hollered through the megaphone like a rabid banshee.

“This whole gdn state burned down for $20 gdn dollars, you think we give a f*** about burning Hugo down?” he screeched.

Lovely. He wouldn’t mind if Hugo burned down, such is the man’s level of hate.

Watch the craziness and if you like this, vote Democrat:


In case you think Thompson is an outlier, think again. This is who the Democrats wholeheartedly endorse. This is who they are now and it’s under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz endorsed him. “I’ve known John for years. His fierce advocacy and commitment to his community is exactly what’s needed in the state legislature right now. I look forward to working with him as the next State Representative for 67A.”

“John Thompson has been a voice for our community for decades. His commitment to racial justice and history of leadership are what is needed at the Capitol today. I strongly believe that John will bring new ideas to address the terrible disparities that have left the Black community behind. I endorse my brother John Thompson for House District 67A as I know he will be a breath of fresh air we need at this moment,” MN House Rep. 62A Hodan Hassan said.

“John Thompson’s life experience and strong voice for justice is exactly what we need in the Minnesota legislature. I am proud to endorse John’s campaign and I look forward to working with him to turn out the DFL vote on the east side,” MN Congresswoman Betty McCollum, CD 4 wrote.

Senator Foung Hawj wrote, “I have known John Thompson for several years and have seen him working for betterment and social justice here on the East Side. I am pleased to announce my support for John Thompson, our DFL endorsed candidate, and look forward to working with him at the Capitol in 2021 with your help.”



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