Cuomo blames Trump for his COV response, forgets to endorse Joe


During the first night of the DNC convention, Governor Andrew Cuomo actually said, “They weren’t even aware it was here for months,” meaning COV-19. That is a lie since President Trump declared a travel ban on China on January 31st. Democrats were opposed to it. He declared a ban on European travel on March 13 while Democrats were still in denial.

Cuomo blamed Trump last night after he, Cuomo, showed his utter incompetence during the spread of the illness. Jake Tapper and Sanjay Gupta blasted him at the time, and they are very left-wing. Senator Paul thought he should have been impeached for his response. MSNBC’s Ruhle called him out.

What is also fascinating is that Governor Cuomo never once endorsed Joe Biden and this was supposed to be all about Uncle Joe.

On March 13th, President Trump instituted his European travel ban to media howls of condemnation. Democrats and the media joined the European officials who complained that they didn’t have enough notice.

On March 9th, Democrat hero Dr. Fauci was telling young people to go on cruises. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was still telling people that if they didn’t go to crowded Chinese restaurants, they were racists. By March 14th, Joe Biden was still insisting that there shouldn’t be any travel bans.

In addition, Governor Cuomo, who bragged about his coronavirus numbers last night, has the worst numbers in the nation. According to the NY Times, New Yorkers seeded the nation. Just yesterday, the number of elderly people he helped kill was upped from 6500 to 11,000. And it’s probably higher. The final numbers are hidden. His policies directly led to their deaths. He forced the elderly with the virus, into nursing homes, even if they weren’t in a nursing home prior to contracting the illness.

Everyone knew the elderly were the most vulnerable victims of the illness, but Cuomo did it anyway.


Will the real Andrew Cuomo stand up:

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