Population the size of Birmingham came in illegally in August – 208K


Border Patrol can’t do a thing about the tens of thousands of anonymous people pouring into the country day and night. Migrants pile up under bridges. They also become the homeless in small towns.

“August apprehensions at the border topped 208,000 – THAT’S ONE MONTH – which for comparison purposes is approximately the population of Birmingham Alabama. IN ONE MONTH,” Melugin told Tucker on his show.

Those are only the ones we know about. Stephen Miller said Border Patrol told him 1,000 to 2,000 getaways also come in daily. That 208,000 is more like 240,000 to 270,000 or more.

At the same time, measles is making a comeback among refugees and Delta is still virulent.



You should also know that the anonymous people coming across refuse to wear masks or social distance, but, as you know, Jen Psaki and Joe Biden said they don’t have to follow our rules.

Illegal immigrants refuse to social distance or wear masks and can’t be kept in quarantine even if they do contract the coronavirus, the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general said in a report Wednesday.

The audit said the policies established by Customs and Border Protection to handle the surge of migrant families is “not effective” because it relies on communities that don’t have the power to impose a quarantine even if an individual does test positive.

And the Biden administration is making less use of a pandemic border expulsion tool, which has led to “increased risk for CBP personnel, migrants in custody and local communities” from the virus, the inspector general said.

It’s not surprising that people who come in illegally are also breaking all our rules and laws.

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10 months ago

Communist Democrats in the Beltway don’t care. They see themselves as better than you. Communist need a lot of Slave Labor and they think of us as peasants now, but we will be Slaves if we don’t stop the Coup.

Pelosi and her friends need Illegal Immigrants to pick her Grape Crop. Their too cheap to pay California’s ridiculous minimum wage. With the Beltway Elite, it’s rules for you, but not for me!