Outrage over Case Western allowing pro-life group on campus


The student newspaper editorial board at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio harshly criticized the school for allowing a pro-life group to be established on campus. They oddly claim it poses “a danger to the student body.”

They say the university is not keeping the community safe.

The only argument they accept is “bodily autonomy” for the mother but not the unborn child, which the authors refer to as a “group of cells.”

The student editorial blasts the pro-life group and voices their outrage that the group has been “recognized as an official campus group.” They claim the pro-life group “infringes upon at least half of the students’ right to reproductive privacy” and say the organization “poses a danger” because they protest at clinics or impose ” their views on vulnerable people.”

What’s wrong with protesting? We thought it was in the Constitution.

Some might say the vulnerable people are those who listen to them and Planned Parenthood. Killing one’s baby at any time before birth for any reason torments people of conscience later on in life.

Have you seen what happens to baby parts? They put their heads on mice for one.

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