Portland mayor has a fund for losses due to COVID for blacks only


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler wrote on Twitter that “The Oregon Cares Fund is now accepting applications. Black families and business owners experiencing housing insecurity, emergency needs, or a loss in revenue due to COVID-19 pandemic are eligible for cash grants.”

What about Asian, Hispanic, Native American, White???

Black Lives Matter and antifa rioters are destroying local businesses and have engaged in rampant violence for three months. Wheeler and his political cohorts allow it. It could be stopped.

There is a severe police shortage and despite this, Wheeler forces the police to fight these lunatics night after night.


TOCF is allocated by the Emergency Board of the Oregon Legislature “in response to the demonstrated health and economic disparities experienced by the Black community,” the site stipulates.

It’s a $62 million targeted fund.

Cash grants are meant to provide black residents, black-owned businesses, and black community-based organizations “with the resources [needed] to weather the global health pandemic and consequent recession.”

TOCF serves as the “beginning steps to equitably addressing the systemic disadvantages experienced by the Black community.”

They claim inequities of the Great Depression, the pandemic, and on and on. Their claim that there is systemic racism is unprovable and frankly, does not exist.

They’re accounting for disparities by equalizing disparate outcomes. He’s redistributing other peoples’ money. It’s very Marxist and very unAmerican.

American values focus on individual achievement, a sense of personal responsibility, and equal treatment.



  1. So let me see if I have this right , the blacks burned down their own town and the government is rewarding them by paying them money to rebuild ? How is 13% of the population, running t00% of the USA ?

  2. A leftist is a person with a criminal mind, intent on depriving the rights of others. Leftists commit nearly all crime, as confirmed by stats and studies. Every version of leftist government is organized crime. Leftists don’t want their intended victims (i.e., us) to have any rights to defend against their crimes. If we want our freedom, almost no crime, and logical, cost effective government, then we have to get rid of ALL leftists.

  3. Someone tell Mayor Neville Chamberlain that the more he capitulates to the BLM/Antifa race terrorists the more emboldened and violent they become…since he can’t seem to smell the flames around him. You simply can’t appease these animals.

    • He is more Mayor Tokyo Rose. This guy is on their side, it is not capitulation, it is coordination. The Governor no different.

  4. Oh, so it’s okay to create racially partisan laws to benefit one race over another, as long as you can demonstrate that they “deserve” it? Interesting. So if I could show that it really benefits white communities to be able to keep black residents out, it’d be okie dokie to pass a law banning non-white residents? Or maybe just a tax break for white people only, since they arguably need a tax break more than other races.

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