Portland Mayor supports BLM/ANTIFA movement, but not outside his apartment


Dozens of Black Lives Matter/Antifa ‘protesters’ were screaming outside of the apartment of Mayor Ted Wheeler this week. The offshoot group, Care, Not Cops, demands higher budget cuts to the police department, no militarized police, and no policing of protests.

They remained through the night and shined laser pointers and flashlights at his apartment complex.

They called it the Glisan Autonomous Zone and set up tents, claiming it’s an occupy protest.

Wheeler is a far-left Democrat and is supportive of these raucous events in other locations. He made sure to note that he supports the movement but outside his apartment appears to be one step too far.

After a night of this, Wheeler says he does not want that (an autonomous zone) here in Portland. Police cleared them out.


After allowing Antifa to take over Portland for years, harassing innocent people, he now takes a stand for this. But he supports the Antifa/Black Lives Matter movement.

“I’m watching what’s going on in Seattle and I’m not impressed. I think it’s a distraction from the larger movement and the movement is justice for Black people,” Wheeler said. “What I’m hearing coming out of Seattle concerns me. Armed people walking around in the autonomous zone, people being asked to show their papers and demonstrate where they’re from at the entrance to the autonomous zone, businesses potentially being shaken down to be allowed to operate within the autonomous zone. So, if you’re asking if that’s something, I support let me be unequivocally clear, I absolutely do not support that.”

Wheeler also said what he saw Wednesday night didn’t seem to have a lot to do with seeking justice.

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