Victor Davis Hanson warns this is now a “Jacobin terror movement” (video)


Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains in this clip that this is a “Jacobin terror movement.” For instance, he said he never imagined NPR would tell people to de-colonize their libraries or that women would be told to shave their heads so they wouldn’t have African-American hair, privileging their whiteness.

An NPR commentator said we can help this movement by removing books that are by those people who are “too white.”

The youth in this movement want police abolished and all police shows/movies taken off the air.

They are freely quoting from Karl Marx. “We’re entering a space now that’s even transcending the violence” with health workers, quarterbacks like Drew Brees in re-education camps.

It’s not the American Revolution, it’s the French Revolution. It happened since there is a geographical movement — globalism, we have millions of people who weren’t born here and we abandoned assimilation at the same time, and millions of students were indoctrinated in colleges, coming out ignorant and with enormous debt.

Watch, it’s frightening:

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