Portland mayor wants DHS to negotiate with Antifa for a ceasefire


Mayor Ted Wheeler wants a ceasefire. The man is insane. There are violent rioters destroying Portland, trying to burn up a courthouse, and this mayor thinks the DHS is the problem. They call federal law enforcement, ‘forces,’ to make them seem like the military.

If he wants them out, all he has to do is let his police department do their job. Remove the rioters and protect the courthouse first, you lunatic.

Since when does the DHS have to negotiate with insane rioters?

Here is Attorney General Bill Barr’s response:

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
3 years ago

As a general rule, DHS or any government agency should NEVER negotiate with terrorists.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

The mayor acts as lobbyist for the criminals.

Barr is not directly involved. He does not handle DHS. Barr is busy in DC doing his hero act. He has been irresponsibly lax in identiying and arresting funders and organizers of the nationwide terrorist movement. He has all the evidence he needs, just like he had all that evidence to acquit Flynn and sat on it for 15 months. Barr is quite dangerous, because he gives the appearance of fighting crime, which he is not doing.

Imagine if the election is stolen, Barr will be of no help.