Roger Goodell says NFL will AMPLIFY their social justice messages


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will tell fans this weekend to “End Racism” and “It Takes All of Us.” Those are messages he will have stenciled into end zones.

“The NFL informed clubs today of plans to amplify its social justice initiatives, including helmet decals and signage in end zones for kickoff games and club home openers,” NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero tweeted Monday.

Many players are expected to continue kneeling for the national anthem. “Lift Every Voice and Sing” will be played prior to Week One games.

Commentators refer to the song as the “Black national anthem.”

It’s a nice song, but can you think of anything more inappropriate or divisive than to have Black people adopt their own national anthem? It’s unAmerican but the NFL’s kowtowing to Black Lives Matter, a Marxist movement, and social justice, a Marxist ideology, tells us who these people are. The players go along or instigate it, who knows.



  1. These out of touch multi-millionaires are economic illiterates. They didn’t learn their lesson last time. As a die hard fan, stopped watching once and will do it again. NHL starting up.

  2. I have personally never been a sports enthusiast, but I do think it’s tragic how this industry is committing suicide.

  3. This may be a nice gesture but a few signs, decals and a song isn’t going to stop racism. You’re asking the impossible there will always be racism in one form or another. I think we’ve come a long way since the 60’s. Politics should stay out of sports. If these pros want to talk politics they should run for office keep it off of the field.

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