Portland Officials threaten to fine feds for courthouse fence — it’s blocking a bike lane


Portland rioters, who officials call ‘protesters’ and ‘demonstrators,’ try to set the federal courthouse on fire each night. They were doing this before the feds were sent in to protect the courthouse.

The federal officers erected a fence to help protect the courthouse. Every night, the ‘protesters’ break down part of the fence so they can damage the courthouse. They throw incendiary devices over the fence and fan the flames that result.

Far-left Portland officials are fighting back in support of the ‘protesters.’ They are threatening to fine the Feds for the courthouse fence, claiming it’s blocking a bike lane.

Portland city attorneys sent a July 22 cease-and-desist letter to the federal agency that oversees a downtown courthouse, threatening fines for erecting a metal fence that keeps out protesters—and also blocks a bicycle lane.

“Unidentified agents of the federal government have placed unpermitted fencing and jersey barriers in the city’s right of way outside of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse,” says the letter from Chief Deputy City Attorney Robert Taylor. “The fencing and barriers in the right of way create a hazard for Portlanders by blocking the bike lane on Southwest Main [Street], which is the premier bike facility into downtown Portland.”
Trump should take the fines out of any aid they were going to give them.

The Willamette Week reports, “President Donald Trump’s deployment of federal officers to Portland has increased vandalism at the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse, which demonstrators now treat as a castle to be stormed each night.”

No, sorry, Willamette Week, that’s not true. They were destroying the courthouse which is why the feds went there in the first place. The rioters increased vandalism. The federal officers are not vandalism anything. These Portland officials are crazy.

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