Possible Convicted Terrorist Threatened a Journalist at the Border


The Sentinel posted the clip below earlier in the week. An independent journalist, 1st Responders Media, taped a Middle Eastern illegal alien as he asked him where he was from. The man became verbally aggressive, given the question. Newsmax host Carl Higbie says he’s likely a convicted terrorist, and law enforcement can’t find him.

Illegal Crosser: “Soon you will know who I am. Believe me. You will see. You are really not smart enough to know who I am but soon you’re gonna know who I am.”

Journalist: “But the entitlement, the entitlement.”

Illegal Crosser: “No, believe me, I’m much better than that.

Journalist: “The entitlement, guys, wow!”


The independent journalist posted, “A migrant who illegally crossed into the United States threatened me, saying ‘You find out who I am very soon,’ simply because I asked him where he was from.”

The journalist tagged several high-ranking officials in the post, including Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, President of the United States, the Department of Homeland Security, and Customs and Border Protection, critiquing the regime’s handling of border security and immigration policy.

According to the journalist, this was taped at No More Death Camp, about 12 miles east of Sasabe, AZ.


Newsmax anchor Carl Higbie said on Frontline this afternoon that the man in the video is a convicted terrorist recently released from prison after serving a 12-year sentence.

He looks like Movsum Samadov, 57, from Azerbaijan. He was the leader of the Azerbaijan Islamic Party, which was banned in 1995. He had been arrested in January 2011 along with six others for plotting a terrorist attack and attempting to overthrow the government. He was released on January 19th, 2023.

Movsum Samadov
Man threatening a journalist at the border.

There was more to the conversation.

“What country are you from?” the journalist asked.

“Me? I better keep it safe for now,” the illegal alien man replied.

The journalist pushed back, saying, “Well, you’re in America now, we’re going to find out what country you’re from.”

“Are you going to take where I’m from by force?” the illegal alien said defensively.

“No. Are you threatening violence, just for a simple question?” the stunned journalist asked.

“No, why bother, you asked me, I answered you,” the man fired back. “You are carrying a stick in front of my face that you may hit me with!”

The journalist noted that all he had was a camera and a tripod.

Then the illegal alien sneered, “If you are smart enough, you would know who I am. But you are not smart enough to know who I am. Soon you’re gonna know who I am!”

“Wow… the entitlement!” the journalist said.

“No, I’m much better than that,” the illegal alien retorted.

Longer Video:

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24 days ago

Two things terribly wrong: minor aspect is “asylum seekers” here for a free ride, courtesy of the US taxpayers; not here to work and contribute to society. Second: the biden Administration seems to think the risk of welcoming potential terrorists is more than offset than the benefit of welcoming illegal voters.

1 month ago

Biden is a traitor. He refuses to protect the country and allows the invasion of the country.