Poster Girl for Border Invasion Admits the Illegitimate Reason She Came


When it comes to the attack by mostly men at the border this past Sunday, the media will only show the photo of the woman fleeing the tear gas with two young children, one child is about five and in diapers for some strange reason.


The woman in the photo Maria Meza told BuzzFeed she was only doing this because she needed a job. After that, she told Reuters she was doing this because she had to flee violence in Honduras. If she were telling the truth, it would have been her immediate response to BuzzFeed.


We are just asking the question.

One thing you need to know is the far-left uses fake photos to push their agenda. They have done it since they first came into existence. They faked Rosa Parks. They posed for photos at Occupy, Ferguson, all of the riots. They stage. I attended a session with a communist professor where people are trained to pose for the media and scam the police. They are experts at propaganda to manipulate the masses.

That could be what is going on here because hardcore leftists are behind this caravan movement.

The reason we say this iconic photo could be a staged photo is noted on the photo below. There are two cameramen in the background, much closer to the border and some are just standing around — again, closer to the border.

We are not conspiracy theorists and hate conspiracy mongering, but we are the canaries in the coal mine when there is enough evidence to ask the question.

They have small numbers of women and children in the caravans, most were paid or tricked into jumping on the caravan. The caravans are comprised of over 90 percent men so they put the women and children up front as human shields.

This woman will be a dependent if she gets in. She could have accepted the amnesty offered by Mexico but she chose not to. That’s not what a refugee does. We have open borders with a big welfare state.

The media won’t show the violence or talk about our agents being attacked, so here is one video.

They won’t talk about all the men in the caravans but this reporter accidentally told the truth.

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