Pothole Pete isn’t getting his track and tax vehicles per miles driven…yet


Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who couldn’t get potholes fixed in South Bend when he was their mayor, said last week the idea of taxing miles driven “shows a lot of promise.”

That’s when furious voters, even Democrats, slammed the Biden administration for considering taxing motorists per mile.

Then within a day, Buttigieg was on CNN’s Jake Tapper telling him the idea wasn’t being discussed as part of a $3 trillion infrastructure bill, which is actually the Green New Deal and reparations. It will be money wasted on crazy far-left ideas that fix things not broken.

Federal gasoline taxes have failed to keep up with the demand for infrastructure projects, Buttigieg has crowed all week. However, he said nothing about getting rid of them. He isn’t replacing them, just adding on to them.

A mileage tax will even hurt drivers of electric vehicles.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg walked back the idea he bleated just days ago to tax drivers by the mile as a way to ensure drivers of electric cars pay more for wear and tear on roads. A lot of those vehicles they want to tax heavily are bringing us food and goods all of us need.

‘No, that’s not part of the conversation about this infrastructure bill,’ he said by Monday, after an uproar when asked about the idea on CNN’s ‘The Lead’ by host Jake Tapper, as President Joe Biden prepares to roll out his $3 trillion plan.

Never-too-honest Tapper called it ‘something of a backtrack’ and then moved on.

Buttigieg also ruled out an increase in the federal per-gallon gasoline tax.

“No,” he responded, indicating it won’t be in the infrastructure package. “I want to reiterate the president’s central commitment here. If you’re making less than $400,000 a year, this proposal will not involve a tax increase for you.”

That’s a lie too because canceling Trump’s tax cuts puts huge tax increases on the middle class because they are the people who benefitted the most from those cuts.

In addition, corporations will either send their funds overseas or will pass the costs down to consumers — mostly the lower and middle classes.

Yes, Virginia, Biden is raising taxes on everyone.

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