“Prayerful” Nancy laces Into a reporter for asking if she “hates” Trump


Speaker Pelosi got testy with reporter James Rosen, who now works for Sinclair News when he asked if she hated Donald Trump. We all know she is “prayerful” over this impeachment. She doesn’t “hate” anyone, according to her. Can you imagine what she’d do if she did hate the President?

“I don’t hate anybody. … And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word “hate” in a sentence that addresses me. … I pray for the president all the time. So don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that,” she said angrily.

Satan’s listening Nan. How can she say she is Catholic and at the same time condone the killing of the unborn to the moment of birth for no reason whatsoever?

She lies in this clip about the President refusing to help Dreamers. He tried to give 1.8 million of them amnesty and Democrats wouldn’t give an inch. As far as “gun violence,” much of it is gang violence or suicides. Taking guns from legal gun owners won’t make anyone safer. It will violate the Second Amendment.

Rosen is the reporter Obama’s people spied on, we think illegally. His administration also spied on Rosen’s family. She called him ‘Mr. Republican Talking Points’ after Rosen asked about the legal rights of the whistleblower who sparked an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

She won’t give the President his rights, that much is clear. Her army of leftists will cover for Eric Ciaramella.

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