Prediction: Red Tsunami Tuesday


Patrick Basham, the pollster who correctly predicted Brexit and Trump 2016, says the midterm “Red Wave” is forming into a full-on “Red Tsunami.” We do think Republicans will take the House and the Senate, as well as some governorships. However, there are no guarantees, especially if there is cheating.

If there isn’t a red tsunami tthis year, there never will be and the communist Democrats will have won. Our only hope of bringing Democrats back to normalcy is to see this regime roundly rejected.

At the same time, the new Democrats are pouring in illegally across our border. They need to go home, but who would have the guts to send them back?


This trip back to 2007 is interesting. Joe says voting machines could be easily manipulated. If a Republican says it, s/he is a conspiracy theorist. Corrupted machines could be a tsunami-buster, along with ballot harvesting and mail-in balloting, and Google search manipulation.  But outside of the committed ideologues, Americans don’t want communism in the form of globalism with crime, open borders, and a failed economic model.

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6 months ago

More Gaslighting. Biden and Fetterman announce it could take days to count all the ballots. Georgia predicts that their will be a runoff between Hershel Walker and Warnock. The left is setting the stage for our defeat. But we’re not going to let them get away with it this time. True the Vote and other grassroots groups have worked hard to show the 2020 election was stolen.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

The only variable here to a prediction or reasoning is the potential for major voting crimes, since the crooks got away with it last time.

Arizona and Pennsylvania show signs of planning vote crimes again. Some areas will defy court orders and laws, and later courts will say count those bad votes.

If Kari Lake and Oz can be defeated, vote crimes are here forever. DC badly wants Lake to lose. The DC GOPe crooks are already being drowned out by Trump and DeSantis, adding her to the equation will overwhelm them. She, along with Mastriano and Nevada GOP, are directly threatening prosecution of voting and covid crimes. Nevada GOP candidates are the most aggressive, their speeches at a recent Trump rally were stunning.

6 months ago

If there is a hint of Democrat voter fraud, I worry about what will happen. I’m worried that any Democrat thought to be elected illegally in this Election will become the target of Extremist because too many people are fed up with the blatant fraud in 2020. I expect the Extremist to be on the Left because they have little self control and get angry much easier! Also the Fraud will most likely be in Democrat Strong Holds where the Liberal Left votes. Fraud retaliation would get out hand very fast! In the last year, I’ve run across a lot of Minority Democrats who say they voted for Trump and know there was ballot stuffing in their county! Right or Wrong that perception is REAL. Most Red States and/or Counties now have Paper Ballots so audits are reliable and much easier.

It is the job of Government to prove to The People that an Election was absolutely Fair. The Government failed miserably in 2020 to prove that. Just saying it was fair doesn’t pass the stink test. There is considerable evidence there was massive Fraud which the Government has ignored. If the Government can’t prove that an election wasn’t fraudulent, then by default the Election was Corrupt and Fraudulent. That means that ALL Elections without a Chain of Custody and a Verifiable Paper Trail are by default Fraudulent! I hope Blue States are prepared to redo Elections in areas accused of Fraud with Paper Ballots. I would not want to be an Election Official in any Blue State, County, or City this Election!

I don’t think that the Federal Government can mandate how an election is run, but the People of a State can. If people want fair elections they have to deal with this at the State Level with the tools they have under the State Constitution. I hope to never see it, but the worse case scenario would be bearing arms and marching on the State Capitol. That is the Ultimate Remedy given to us by the Founding Fathers by the Second Amendment. That is historically how Tyrannical Governments have to be dealt with and a Government that can’t hold a Free and Fair Election is a Tyrannical Government. If it ever came to this, it is would be a case where the Federal Government should stand aside as taking a side could easily result in Civil War.

6 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

A Poll Update: The Fake News is still Gaslighting us and claiming that Traitor Joe has a 44% approval rating. His problem is the biggest issue is the Economy. The same Polls say over 70% say the Economy is Headed in the Wrong Direction and 81% say the Economy Sucks. Polls indicate that 72% say inflation has negatively impacted them and 73% say Traitor Joe is responsible for the Inflation. A 44% approval rating just doesn’t make sense. People in the end vote their wallets, and those numbers tell us that Traitor Joe’s real approval is under 20% because in the end people vote Economy Performance over “Likability”. Political Approval rating polls are like voting for Miss Congeniality; Miss Congeniality never wins the pageant. Pushing a 44% Approval Rating and not even mentioning the Economy strikes me as trying to provide cover for Election Fraud!

Please don’t think the Red Tsunami is a shoe in! We need to overcome at least 10% Ballot Stuffing in Democrat Strong Holds. GO VOTE!

Last edited 6 months ago by GuvGeek