Prescient MI Network Published Next Week’s Election Results


News Channel 3 in Michigan must be remarkably prescient. They were able to post the results for an election that hasn’t yet taken place.

Since Gateway Pundit picked it up, the results were cleared. These results can still be found on the Wayback archive.

Amazing News channel 3 posted results for an election that hasn’t occurred yet. The results only show RINOs winning.

This fellow must work for WWMT Channel 3 in Michigan

The Gateway Pundit posted their response when asked about it.

“Thank you for your concern. Our apologies. We have been testing our systems with the Associated Press. The numbers you are seeing are not actual results. We have cleared the numbers. The actual primary results will populate after the polls close on Tuesday, Aug. 2.”

WWMT reporter Brian Lupo also responded on substack. Brian Lupo (Channel 3): “an affiliate is testing our election system.”

Oh, so they’re not prescient?

Their excuse doesn’t make sense at all but we aren’t allowed to question elections if we are Conservatives. We also don’t know anything about testing election systems. Anyone have comments?

It seems that doing this could influence the election. Putting names out there as winners to people who don’t follow the candidates nudges people in a certain direction. We’re not saying they were trying to do that. We don’t know, but this is extremely odd.


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