Where Have the $$$ Gone & Where’s the Equipment Going, Volodymyr?


The Biden administration on Friday announced a new $270 million security assistance package for Ukraine. The gift includes High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and 36,000 rounds of ammunition. We don’t know where our previous gifts have gone, although some reportedly went on to the Black Market.

Biden is sending more than 500 drones and extra HIMARS to Ukraine, even using the equipment we might need at some point. There is also the question of HIMAR secrets sold to the enemy by Ukraine leaders. Team Biden is even concerned about it.

Do they have many pilots floating around who can use all this equipment? Too much equipment has gone down a rabbit hole.

John Kirby, the White House’s national security spokesperson, said the aid is the 16th drawdown of equipment under President Biden’s drawdown authority, which allows him to send allies weapons from the Pentagon’s stockpile.


It is the second security assistance package Mr. Biden has approved this month. The administration announced Ukraine’s $400 million security aid package in early July. Mr. Kirby said the U.S. will continue to aid Ukraine as it fights to fend off Russian invaders.

Since there is evidence that many of these weapons end up on the Black Market, one has to wonder if this is where most will end up. Does Zelensky have the staff to handle these systems? The Pentagon has already said they have no idea where they end up since they don’t have eyes and ears on the ground. They rely on Zelensky.

The other announcement out of Ukraine is that they will default on debt. The money’s gone too.

The billions we gave them were supposed to prevent that. One package alone was over $40 billion. Is anyone looking out for the money? When Rand Paul tried to put eyes on it, the Senate voted against it, and Mitch McConnell ignored Sen. Paul when he left the chamber.

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